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4 Cheese Tortellini with Pesto & Tomato Cream Sauce - Friday Spaghetti Take Out Special Candied Pecan & Goat Cheese Salad with Strawberries & Maple Balsamic Dressing Crispy Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Chili Dip - Hors D'oeuvres Menu Dill & Cucumber Sandwiches, Curried Cream Cheese & Asparagus Sandwiches - Fancy Sandwich Menu Fresh Baked Muffins - Breakfast Menus Making Rice Paper Wraps - Hors D'oeuvre Menus Our Candied Pecans Our Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce Penne Pasta Salad with Roasted Vegetables, Parmesan & Garlic - Pick Up Salads Menu Personal Size Goat Cheese & Basil Pizza - Friday Spaghetti Take Out Special Pick Up Appetizers - Pick Up Hors D'oeuvres Menu Pumpkin Bars - Added to Our Dessert Platters in the Winter Ricotta Ravioli with Roasted Mushrooms, Goat Cheese & Sundried Tomato-Cream Sauce - Prepared for Pick Up Roasted Mushroom Bruschetta with Garlic Aioli on Crostini - Hors D'oeuvres Menu Roasted Mushroom, Feta & Spinach Lasanga - A Friday Spaghetti Take Out Special Smoked Ham & Sausage Lasagna - A Friday Spaghetti Take Out Special Thai Dip - Sold at Georges Market & Maltese Grocery Tiramisu - Hors D'oeuvres MenuSmoked Salmon with Dill, Cream Cheese & Pumpernickel - Prepared Platters Menu Shaved Vegetable Rice Paper Wraps - Hors D'oeuvre Menu Lemon Coconut Tart - Dinner Buffet Menu Chocolate Mousse for Pick Up - Hors D'oeuvre Menu Cherry Cheesecake - Dinner Buffet Menu 7 Layer Dip - Prepared Platters Menu Tiramisu - Dinner Buffet Menu & Spaghetti Take OutGoat Cheese Crostini with Olives & Peppers - Hors D'oeuvre Menu Roast Beef Crostini with Roasted Peppers & Horseradish - Hors D'oeuvres Menu Grilled Shrimp Kebobs with Lemon & Garlic - Hors D'oeuvres Menu Thai Shrimp Curry - Special RequestClassic Macaroni Salad - Pick Up Salads MenuSweet Potato Salad with Maple Cidar Dressing - Pig Roast MenuWhite Cheddar Tarts with Apple & Bacon - Hors D'oeuvres MenuHalf Shell Mussels with Ginger Salsa - Hors D'oeuvres MenuProsciutto Wrapped Pear, Havarti & Red Pepper - Hors D'oeuvres Menu